Connecting Great Leaders One Lunch at a Time

Join your fellow leaders in a great conversation over a casual lunch.


Leaders Building Relationships and Impacting Communities

We believe the fastest way to impact our community is to connect the right leaders so together they can achieve even more.

In our lunches leaders are engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing ideas, uncovering new opportunities and developing key relationships that benefit their organizations and our community as a whole. We call this “Connecting with Purpose.”

LeadersLunch is making it fun and easy for great leaders to connect over casual one-on-one complementary lunches.

Your fellow leaders are waiting to connect.


Connecting Leaders

Our goal is to connect you with the right fellow leaders so you can both achieve more great things.

Sharing Ideas

Our leaders have a true passion for learning, listening and sharing innovative ideas and concepts.

Building Relationships

Real relationships develop with each LeadersLunch introduction we make; we call this “Connecting with Purpose.”

What is LeadersLunch?

The right relationships are a determining factor for success in today’s business environment. You can achieve great things by simply connecting with the right leaders. Right now LeadersLunch is connecting leaders, just like you, in casual one-on-one lunch meetings.

Our mission is to connect the right leaders allowing them to engage in meaningful conversations, share new ideas, develop true relationships and uncover opportunities that impact their organizations and our community. We call this “Connecting with Purpose.”

If connecting with fellow leaders sounds fun and interesting, then we would love to invite you to LeadersLunch.

Join us today to connect with community leaders!

Who are Our Leaders?

Our leaders come from very diverse backgrounds across a wide range of industries including business, education, healthcare, non-profits, community organizations and government. They may come from very different organizations and have different perspectives, but they all tend to have much in common as well.

One trait that all leaders in LeadersLunch share is a passion to continuously improve. They strive to achieve more for themselves, their organizations and their community as a whole. Our leaders tend to be innovators and early adopters who are open to listening, learning, sharing and collaborating. If this sounds like you, then we would like to invite you to join LeadersLunch today.

The leaders you meet over lunch fully depend on you; your interests, your experience, your expertise and your current goals. Think of us as a connector for the right leaders who want to have great conversations and explore impactful opportunities.

Join today and connect over a great lunch.

Valuable Connections

Our leaders all want one thing from LeadersLunch: to make valuable connections. With that in mind, LeadersLunch has implemented a very unique on-boarding process to ensure that the right leaders join for the right reasons.

All new leaders fill out a short survey upon initial registration. We then connect for a short introductory call to discuss LeadersLunch, define expectations and answers questions.

We are constantly working to improve LeadersLunch and increase value for our leaders. Following each lunch we ask that our leaders fill out a brief survey. This helps us ensure that we are making valuable introductions and continuously improving our process.

Join today to make valuable connections!


Welcome to LeadersLunch 

If you are interested in connecting with fellow leaders in a relaxed setting, having valuable conversations and developing true relationships then we would like you to join LeadersLunch.

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